Here we get to share the stories of the people who are involved in ROW. The process isn’t always easy, but it is very rewarding for those involved. Read the testimonials below.


Malek was the first gay refugee to be settled in Winnipeg by a Group of Five involved with ROW. Arriving in Winnipeg in March, Malek is quickly adapting to North American Culture. Malek is now involved in the second Group of Five.  Read about Malek’s story.


Horst was a member of the first and second Groups of Five in Winnipeg and is now one of the coordinators of ROW. Read all about his experience.


Doug was a member of the first Group of Five and says it is privilege to be able to help, and to share that which we take for granted.  Read about Doug’s experience.  


Mark was also a member of the first and second Group of Five in Winnipeg and this experience has had a great impact on Mark. Read Mark’s testimonial.


Joel is supporting ROW by providing professional services. Joel works for ChangeMakers Marketing Communications and they are graciously helping the cause. Read Joel’s testimonial.