Resources for Asylum Seekers in Canada

If you are making a refugee claim from within Canada please find a ‘Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide‘ here.  You can find a guide for Winnipeg at this site.  The same general principles apply across the country.

Information on making a refugee claim from within Canada here.

Find the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada section for Refugee Claims here.

It is very helpful to get the support of a lawyer. Request recommendations for a lawyer who has experience and a record of success with sexual and gender minority refugee claims.

Some provinces have legal aid that will pay for a lawyer if you are unable to pay.  Manitoba has Legal Aid.  Discuss getting coverage for legal aid with your lawyer.

In some provinces, such as Manitoba, the hearing may be by video conference.

If you made a claim at a port of entry (airport, land border, or seaport) there is a time limit for submitting your completed Basis Of Claim Form.  Canadian Border Security Agency provide this date to you.

It is best to get the help of a knowledgable person, such as a refugee lawyer, before submitting the Basis of Claim Form.

Other links that may be helpful include:

Here is a link to a CBC article that provides a bit of an overview: Here’s how Canadian taxpayers and private agencies help asylum seekers  –  From food and a blanket at the border to social assistance, legal help and job training

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