Groups of Five

A Group of Five is made up of five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18 who want to sponsor one or more refugees abroad to come to Canada and settle in their community.

The group must agree to support the refugee(s) it is sponsoring emotionally, financially and practically for the full duration of the sponsorship—usually one year.

At least three of the Group of Five must agree to provide financial support at least equal to the level of income assistance and provide documentation proving they have the funds required to support the refugee on arrival.

 You can find out more about this type of sponsorship.

Sponsoring groups will receive a letter telling you whether their application has been accepted or refused. Processing times for the refugee requiring resettlement vary depending on the location of the Canadian embassy that is processing the application.

Reaching Out Winnipeg can help you connect to others to develop a Group of Five and to help with the application process. We can also help you connect with people who have been part of a Group of Five so you can hear about their experiences.

Contact us if you are want to start a new group, become a member of a forming group, or want to support these efforts.