Get Involved

Want to get involved? There are lots of ways you can help save the life of an LGBT refugee. You can be a sponsor, provide professional support to ROW, offer services to new refugees, provide financial support, emotional support, etc… The list goes on.


One key way to help an LGBT refugee be accepted into Canada is to sponsor them. Private sponsorship is one of the ways we can help protect refugees from around the world.

There are a number of different private sponsorship options. Most require commitment to supporting the refugee emotionally, practically and financially for up to one year.

Reaching Out Winnipeg helps bring people interested in private sponsorship together and will help guide the group through the process of sponsoring an LGBT refugee. Find out more about sponsoring a refugee.


ROW needs people who can provide professional services. We work with health care providers, educators, marketers and communicators, social workers, lawyers and more. If you are a professional or provide services that could help a refugee restart their life we want to hear from you.

Financial Support:

Helping LGBT refugees resettle in Winnipeg has its costs. There are many costs outside the financial obligations of being in a private sponsorship group with which ROW tries to help refugees after they escape the persecution of their home country through resettling in Canada. We depend on financial support from community members and organizations to continue to help find safe homes for LGBT refugees.

Donate Now!

Your donation could support an LGBT refugee to settle in Winnipeg. Private sponsorship of refugees is based on a commitment to pay costs for up to the end of the first year of the refugee’s stay in Winnipeg, or when the person has become self-sufficient, whichever is first.  There are many people willing to participate in refugee resettlement that cannot afford the full cost of sponsorship.  Financial support will increase the number of LGBT refugees that can be resettled from very dangerous situations around the world.

Donations will also support an LGBT refugee claimant from the time they claim refugee status, to when they are connected with a private sponsorship group to help them get basic needs before they come here, as well as to potentially help a persecuted LGBT person escape to a safer country so they can begin the refugee process. From start to finish, a great amount of support is needed and every cent counts.

Cheques can be made out to Pride Winnipeg and indicate Reaching Out Winnipeg on the memo line.

Donations can be directed to:

Pride Winnipeg (Identify Reaching Out Winnipeg in the memo line)
P.O. Box 2101 Station Main
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 3R4
Pride Winnipeg Email


If you want to be involved, but cannot dedicate time or money, there are other ways you can support. Email us at if you want to help, even if you’re not sure how.