2017 Was a Bad Year for Egypt’s LGBT Community. 2018 Could Be Even Worse. Egyptian authorities are using a “debauchery” law to justify a crackdown on gay and trans people.

Haig Papazian, Carl Gerges, and Hamed Sinno, members of the band Mashrou' Leila, in New York on Nov. 1. After their concert in Cairo in September, Egypt intensified a crackdown on its LGBT community. (Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)On Dec 28, 2017 The Financial Post reported: Homosexuality is . But Egyptian authorities are, its supporters, and advocates for social liberalization more broadly. In September, the Lebanese band  played a concert to an audience of 30,000 in Cairo, led by openly-gay singer Hamed Sinno. Fans waved rainbow flags in support of LGBT rights, leading to a  against homosexuality and perceived immorality.

The government over 60 men and women for suspected gay conduct or for waving the flag. Police anal examinations on some, a scientifically-debunked procedure to determine whether they had engaged in anal sex. Sarah Hegazy, one of the women arrested, says guards abused her and allowed cellmates to . Sixteen had been by the end of November. The New York Times happened to be filming a documentary report about Esraa, one of the women waving the flag, and she is  from law enforcement. The government simultaneously banned media statements  homosexuality. Since August, Egyptian law enforcement has intensified entrapment campaigns against LGBT folks, using fake profiles on dating sites and social media and arresting those who show up for dates.

Read more at: http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/12/28/2017-was-a-bad-year-for-egypts-lgbt-community-2018-could-be-even-worse/

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