Zimbabwe: Worse Than Dogs and Pigs – Life As a Gay Man in Zimbabwe

On Sept 3, 2017 AllAfrica.com reported:

Harare — “The more my family took me to prophets and traditional healers, the more gay I became”

President Robert Mugabe says people like Takunda Amina are “worse than dogs and pigs” – so daily life as a gay man in Zimbabwe was never going to be easy.

At 24, Amina has already been chased from his family home, forced to marry – twice – and fathered three children who ask him tough questions about sex and sexuality.

He has been vilified in the national press – snapped at a gay party – and rejected as a disgrace by his parents. Not even the best spiritual healers could ‘cure’ Amina of being gay.

“I’m a single father of three and a male sex worker,” Amina told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

He also chairs Male Sex Workers in Zimbabwe, a lobby group with 300 members that helps economically disadvantaged gay men.

Amina has no such need as he boasts a huge customer base and says he does not need to visit nightclubs or roam the streets for work; his clients simply phone him when they want sex.

On a good day, Amina said he makes $150, with most of his clients employed as business and legal executives.

Amina said he was forced to take up sex work as Zimbabwe’s fractured economy had rendered so many young men jobless.

But prostitution is not without risks.

“At times, I get violent clients who refuse to pay me after giving them services, and others insist on unprotected sex, but I have learnt to let such clients go because I have to live on.”

Read more at: https://rowtestblog.wordpress.com/wp-admin/press-this.php?v=8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fallafrica.com%2Fstories%2F201709050040.html&buster=1505257293733

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