Becoming Julius: Growing up intersex in Uganda

On Feb 26, 2017 BBC News reported: Julius Kaggwa was born intersex, which meant it was not clear if he was a girl or a boy. It made for a confusing, isolating and sometimes dangerous childhood growing up in the conservative society of Uganda.
“I was brought up as ‘Julia’ but I never felt like I belonged,” Julius, now 47, tells the BBC.
Around the age of seven, he began to work out that his body was different to most other children’s.
“Not much. Just that I was a little different and that this could cause me to be ridiculed.”
Julius comes from what he calls an ordinary peasant family, with a religious background.
His mother was loving and protective and his wider family “accepted and still accept me unconditionally”.
‘Considered a curse’
This is not something that can be taken for granted with intersex children in Uganda, he says.
“In our culture, being intersex can be considered a curse, and something to get rid of.”

Read more at Becoming Julius: Growing up intersex in Uganda – BBC News

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