On Jan 18, 2017 Daily Xtra reported: A lesbian woman facing imminent deportation from Canada will not be on a plane out of the country tonight, thanks to a last-minute decision to issue her a stay of removal.

The move allows Angela, whose last name and country of origin have not been released due to safety concerns, to stay in Canada for now, as she and her lawyer appeal the pre-removal risk assessment that would have seen her deported.

It’s not clear whether the decision was granted by a federal judge or through direct intervention by Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s new Liberal minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship.

In an email to Xtra, a spokesperson from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada says Hussen cannot comment on specific cases due to privacy laws. But NDP MP Jenny Kwan says she spoke with Hussen about the case yesterday, just 24 hours before Angela’s scheduled deportation, and he stepped in to make sure Angela was not sent home.

Read much more at Canada won’t deport lesbian refugee, at least for now | Daily Xtra

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