UN Human Rights report calls for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality

On Oct 17, 2016 GayRVA reported: In a sweeping report covering human rights abuse around the world, the decriminalization of sex between people of the same gender was suggested.

The report focuses on a number of topics, from limiting free speech to the terrorist acts of group like Boko Haram, but nestled in its 160+ pages is a number of bullet points dealing with the rights of LGBTQ people.

For example, a 2010 law passed in Kyrgyzstan which banned “gay propaganda” was condemned along side an anti-terrorism bill which could be interpreted to allow banning pro-LGBTQ websites from the internet.

The report also pointed to wide-spread violent abuse and discrimination faced by LGBTQ people. According to The Guardian, the data, while “patchy” paints a picture of systemic abuse against sexual minorities:

Brazil reported 310 documented murders in 2012 “in which homophobia or transphobia was a motive”, it said. The trans murder monitoring project, which collects reports of homicides of transgender people, lists 1,612 murders in 62 countries between 2008 and 2014. And the inter-American commission on human rights reported 594 hate-related killings of LGBT people in the 25 countries of the Organisation of American States between January 2013 and March 2014, it said.

Another point applauded Turkey for the action they’ve taken to curb violence against women but quickly noted the lack of protections for LGBTQs both under the law in and practice.

On the other side of the issue, it applauded the Swedish Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) for its work to get countries to accept LGBTQ refugees that seek asylum because of discrimination and persecution in their home country.

Read more at UN Human Rights report calls for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality | Gay Richmond News, Entertainment, Nightlife & LGBT Community Guide :: GayRVA

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