Men break into house and gang-rape couple

On Oct 7, 2016 Mpumalanga News (South Africa) reported: TEKATAKHO – A lesbian couple was gang-raped in their home after returning from the Mpumalanga Comes Alive festival on Saturday.
The perpetrators made it clear to the victims that this was corrective rape, a trend in the townships to “punish” gays and lesbians.
One of the victims described their horrific ordeal.

“We were sleeping when we heard a strange noise and started to shout for help, but our cries fell on deaf ears as nobody came to our rescue. The suspects kicked the door down and entered the house. I asked them what they wanted. They turned off the light and one of them came straight towards me and demanded to have sex with me.

When I refused, one pushed me onto the bed, undressed and started to rape me. Another one raped my girlfriend and they then took turns to rape us. I think the whole thing was planned because they used condoms. The one who was raping my girlfriend requested a condom from his friend.

Read more at Men break into house and gang-rape couple | Mpumalanga News

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