IACHR report on historic Belize judgment: Worsening conditions for gays in T&T

On Aug 24, 2016 the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper reported: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) says it welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court of Belize “that declared unconstitutional the criminalisation of consensual sexual relations between adults of the same sex.”

“With this historic decision, Belize becomes the second country in the English-speaking Caribbean to repeal laws that criminalise consensual sex between adults of the same sex that originate in the region’s colonial past,” a release issued on Monday stated.

A recent report on violence against members of the LGBTI community in the Americas has, however, noted a gradual worsening of legislative conditions for them in T&T and the Commonwealth Caribbean.

The English version of a report on “Violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Persons in the Americas” released last week was researched by the IACHR and initially published in Spanish last November.

The report notes that T&T “maintains legislation criminalising adult same-sex intimacy” and that “the issue of discrimination based on sexual orientation remains a matter of concern.”

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) has proposed an amendment to the Equal Opportunity Act to include coverage of “sexual orientation” as the basis for action in the event of discrimination in the provision of education, employment, accommodation and goods and services.

In a press release on the matter, the EOC said it was nevertheless “very encouraged to note that the Honourable Prime Minister promised to revisit any laws that undermine the constitutional right of equality of treatment.”

Read more at: IACHR report on historic Belize judgment: Worsening conditions for gays in T&T | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

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