Jamaican woman details the horrific moment she was raped to ‘CURE’ her of being a lesbian

On July 19, 2016 the Daily Mail Online reported:

Jamaican Flag‘I was raped to cure me of being a lesbian’: Jamaican woman says was she set up for attack by woman she met online
  • Angeline Jackson was raped when she was 19 by a man after agreeing to meet a woman she had been speaking to online for ‘months’
  • Both Angeline, how is a campaigner, and her friend, who had agreed to accompany her to the meeting, were raped
  • The incident took place in Jamaica, Angeline’s home country, where gay people are subjected to widespread homophobia and an anti-gay law 
  • She said raping a lesbian is seen by some as ‘corrective’

A lesbian has told how she was raped because of her sexuality after being tricked by a woman she met online.

Angeline Jackson was raped when she was 19 after being ‘lured off a lesbian chat room’ by a woman acting as a ‘honey trap’ who she thought she was meeting but instead she was met by an armed man who raped her and her friend.

In a harrowing account of her assault, the campaigner, who later identified her rapist in a police line-up, told Marie Claire for a piece titled ‘I was raped to “cure” me of being a lesbian’ that raping a lesbian is seen in her home country Jamaica, where there is widespread homophobia and sex between men is illegal, as ‘corrective’.

Angeline, who is the daughter of a church elder, said she learned at a young age that ‘liking girls was a sin’.

She said she lived most of her teenage years ‘in hiding’ for fear of being made to leave home or being killed.

Seven years on from her attack, she said she still wakes up every day ‘wondering if it is my last’ and whether she will be attacked for being gay or as a gay equality campaigner.

‘I learned to disguise my sexuality by dating boys to stop the rumors. I was torn between being the Jamaican Christian daughter who loves God and her family, and the lesbian girl I was inside,’ she said in an article entitled ‘I was raped to “cure” me of being a lesbian’.

When she was 15 she was ‘forced’ to go to Christian counselling after the the mother of somebody she had been ‘secretly seeing’ found out about their relationship and both their families thought Angeline was ‘mentally unwell’.

She said her mother and father’s parenting was ‘analysed’ to assess whether they had ‘done something wrong’ to ‘make’ Angeline gay.

She added: ‘I was told to date boys and try to be straight. My father was sympathetic, but he and my mother hoped that God would ‘cure’ my illness.’

Angeline had been speaking to a woman on social media for ‘a few months’ when the stranger suggested they meet up – which she agreed to.

But when she arrived at the meeting point accompanied by a friend there was a man claiming to be her ‘brother’ waiting for her instead.

‘I wish I’d known that day how much danger I was actually in… Instead, there was a man, who said he was her brother and told me he would take us to her house,’ she said.

Read more at: Jamaican woman details the horrific moment she was raped to ‘CURE’ her of being a lesbian | Daily Mail Online

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