Gay Turkish Man Wins Asylum

Turkey Map and FlagOn June 16, 2016 The Bay Area Reporter reported:

Gay Turkish man Rauf Kenan Arun is living free thanks to gay immigration attorney Okan Sengun, who in May helped him receive asylum in the United States.

Attacks against LGBTs in Turkey are just part of the ongoing story of discrimination, harassment, rapes, and murders of LGBT people in the country.

Last June, Turkish police attacked the Istanbul Pride parade, breaking up marchers with tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons. The attack came after the local government wouldn’t allow the most visible Pride event in the Muslim world to proceed through the streets of Istanbul.

A week later prominent gay rights activist Kemal Ordek was raped in his own home in Ankara.

The violence against LGBT people didn’t go unnoticed by the United Nations, which last July expressed concern and called upon Turkey’s government to take action.

Read more at: The Bay Area Reporter Online | Gay Turkish man wins asylum

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