Keep trans teen refugee safe in Wpg by Maggie Muggins – GoFundMe

In January 2016, a young transgender woman arrived in Winnipeg, Mb, Canada. She had been living in her home country with her family her entire life and she had never been allowed to be herself. Her family insisted that she was a boy, and though she never felt this way in her heart, she was forced to live as her family wished. Despite her attempts to be the boy her family wanted her to be she was never able to quite make it work. Her parents insisted and sent her to three different doctors where she was forced to take medication to ‘make her more of a man’. She was bullied and assaulted and when she told her family, they told her that it was her fault for acting so girlish. It wasn’t until she was in high school that she got access to the Internet and learned ‘that there was such a thing as transgender people, that I was not the only one like me’. She found out that there were places that might be safer than her very conservative country with her conservative religious family. She was 18 years old and managed to convince her parents to let her study abroad. She chose Canada because she had heard that trans people were protected and she believed she might be able to find safety here. In the face of never being able to be who she was this incredible young woman chose to survive by making her way to Winnipeg to study, and to find sanctuary and safety, and family that would love her as she was and for who she was. And then, she chose to live.

To donate please go to: Keep trans teen refugee safe in Wpg by Maggie Muggins – GoFundMe

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