Feds to seek pardon for Calgary man sent to prison for being gay

On Feb 27, 2016 Calgary Herald reported: Hoping to right a wrong from another era, the federal government will recommend a posthumous pardon to a Calgary man who was the only Canadian to be declared a dangerous sexual offender simply because he was gay.

“Everett Klippert’s case was instrumental in the government’s decision to decriminalize homosexual acts between consenting adults,” said the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement.

The government will also review hundreds of cases of gay men convicted of acts such as “buggery” and other offences prior to the legalization of male homosexual acts in 1969. Lesbian acts were never illegal in Canada.

Born in 1926 in Kindersley, Sask., Klippert grew up in Calgary and was a popular bus driver until 1960 when he was arrested and convicted of 18 counts of gross indecency — all relating to consensual sexual activity with other men.

After serving three years in prison, Klippert left Calgary and moved to the Northwest Territories.

“Having been discharged from the penitentiary he was aware of the need to refrain from engaging in this behaviour again,” reads the record from his later Supreme Court appeal.

Read more at Feds to seek pardon for Calgary man sent to prison for being gay | Calgary Herald.

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