LGBT-Only Migrant Centres Pop Up After Gay And Trans Refugees Experience Violence, Threats

On Jan 21, 2016 Breitbart reported: After an influx of violence in refugee centres, the city of Berlin plans for a separate home for homosexual and transsexual migrants, echoing a policy implemented in Amsterdam.

A spokesman for Integration Management said the organisation is “optimistic” to have the new accommodation up and running by March of this year, which will offer housing for 100-120 people. Berlin is expected to be the first state in the German Federation to create specifically gay and trans friendly homes for migrants.

According to the Lesbian and Gay Berlin-Brandenburg (LSVD) association spokesman Joana Hassoun, LGBT people are supposed to receive vouchers to find temporary accommodation in hostels as they are deemed “especially vulnerable” to violence.

She lamented that in practice those requesting vouchers from the State for Health and Social Matters, often don’t receive one.

Ms. Hassoun went on to add that as a neighbourhood manager she’d only ever met three people who had received the vouchers out of a total of 150 people she had worked with.

The reason for the need for specific LGBT housing is a growing amount of violence by a large section of refugees toward gay and transsexuals. Breitbart London has reported about transsexuals who were attacked by North African migrants when they were simply walking down the street. The transsexuals in this case were pelted with rocks and stones in a scene reminiscent of the traditional Islamic punishment for adultery.

The LSVD received at least 95 accusations from LGBT refugees of violent acts toward them from August to December of 2015. Local media has reported that refugee centres were the prime location for most of the violence.

LGBT people are not the only victims of Muslim migrant violence. Christians have also been the victims of beatings and death threats within asylum centres. It led Hegumen Daniil, an Orthodox priest in Germany to declare, “Christian refugees from Syria, Eritrea and other countries are exposed to humiliation, manhunt and brutal harassment at the camps for refugees by muslim neighbours.”

Continued at LGBT-Only Migrant Centres Pop Up After Gay And Trans Refugees Experience Violence, Threats – Breitbart.

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