Russian Parliament Rejects Law Punishing LGBTs

On Jan 18, 2016 Voice of America reported.  MOSCOW—A Russian parliament committee has rejected a bill that would have allowed fines or jail time for public displays of affection or sexuality by anyone who is not heterosexual.  Rights groups welcomed the move, but also called for the repeal of a 2013 “gay propaganda” law that has encouraged discrimination.

The law rejected Monday was proposed by Communist Party members of the legislature.  Had it passed, gay people could have been fined between $50 and $65 for public displays of affection. If that “expression of non-traditional sexual relations” was on “territories or in institutions, providing education, culture or youth services,” they faced jail time of up to 15 days.

Human Rights Watch decried the bill as homophobic, while “penalizing people for expressing their identity, a crucial part of anyone’s existence.”

It was a rare win for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people in Russia.

Continued at Russian Parliament Rejects Law Punishing LGBTs.

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