Activists turn tolerant St. Petersburg into homophobic city

On Jan 18, 2016 LA Times reported – Timur Bulatov calls himself a “homophobic wolf,” and last summer he found his prey.

Dr. Dmitry Isaev led a commission of psychiatrists in St. Petersburg that approved hundreds of sex-change operations. To Bulatov, he was “a henchman of LGBT fascism” who corrupted Russian society by encouraging acceptance of gays, lesbians and transgender people.

After Bulatov complained to the State Medical Institute, where the doctor had practiced and taught since 2006, supervisors disbanded the commission and forced Isaev to resign.

On one of Russia’s most popular social media sites, Bulatov has listed 40 teachers and other public servants — most of them in St. Petersburg — who he said have lost their jobs as a result of his efforts over the last two years. Along with their names, ages and former jobs, he adds descriptions such as “a psychotic woman who cut off her breasts,” as he wrote about one transgender man.
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The success of his campaign underscores the transformation of St. Petersburg from Russia’s most tolerant city into its epicenter of hostility toward homosexuality and transgenderism.

The nation as a whole has become increasingly hateful on those issues, with politicians seeking to ban gay rallies, blaming gays for low birth rates and advocating that they be banned from government jobs, exiled or forced into psychiatric treatment.

Taking a cue from President Vladimir Putin, who has whipped up anti-Western sentiments to advance a nationalist agenda and boost his domestic approval ratings during an economic crisis, they often frame their stance as defending the country against foreign values.

Bulatov, 40, lumps homosexuality with pedophilia as part of a “disease” deliberately spread to children and teens by Western-funded books, websites and even cartoons.

“They destroy Russia through children,” he said. “It all comes from Europe.”

Read more at Activists turn tolerant St. Petersburg into homophobic city – LA Times.

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