Gay Briton avoids extradition to Dubai after fears of torture

United Arab Emirates FlagOn Dec 23, 2015 Express reported: A GAY man has managed to avoid being taken to trial in Dubai after a judge ruled there was a risk he could be tortured.

Halliday feared he could face persecution during his trial because of his homosexuality
The London court made the ruling after deciding that it was unlikely he would be given a fair trial in the United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality is illegal.

Micheal Halliday is alleged to have stolen more than £118,000 which disappeared from a safe at a department store where he was working in Dubai– a claim he has consistently denied.

Halliday, 32, was terrified of facing Dubai’s courts, saying: “The fact that I’m openly gay would mean that there would be prejudice against me.”

District Judge Jeremy Coleman said: “The trial, treatment and conditions of those accused or convicted of criminal offences in the UAE is still the subject of complaint and is often alleged to fall well below the required standards

Continued via Gay Briton avoids extradition to Dubai after fears of torture | UK | News | Daily Express.

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