Gay Ugandan refugee in Kenya: Life is ‘hard’

Uganda Flag
On Dec 15, 2015 The Washington Blade reported: A gay Ugandan man says he had no choice but to flee to Kenya, even though the country remains largely hostile to people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Ronnie Aine Mugisha, 23, told the Washington Blade last month during a telephone interview from the Kenyan capital of Nairobi that he fled Uganda in December 2014 to escape persecution because he is gay. Mugisha, who is from the city of Mbarara in western Uganda, said administrators at his school in 2009 found text messages that he had sent to a male teacher who he was dating. The administrators suspended Mugisha for two weeks. He told the Blade that he did not tell his father the reason why he had been kicked out of school until he returned to class.
“They called a school assembly,” said Mugisha. “I was punished. Then from that day my dad started suspecting me.”
David Bahati, a Ugandan lawmaker with close ties to U.S. evangelicals, in 2009 introduced the so-called Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The measure contained a provision that called for the death penalty for anyone convicted of “aggravated homosexuality.”
President Yoweri Museveni in 2014 signed the controversial bill with a provision that those found guilty of repeated same-sex sexual acts would face life in prison, as opposed to the death penalty. The Constitutional Court of Uganda later struck down the Anti-Homosexuality Act on a technicality.


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