Gay Muslim man loses bid for refugee status in Canada: court

Canada - Large BannerOn Dec 9, 2015 Yahoo News reported: A 24-year-old Albanian Muslim who claims he was beaten and persecuted for being gay has lost his bid for refugee status in Canada.
The Federal Court on Tuesday dismissed Erald Islam’s request for judicial review of the Immigration and Refugee Board’s (IRB) decision.
Court documents detail Islam’s claims of discrimination in his home country.
He said that in 2009 he and a male classmate were verbally and physically abused at their junior high school after fellow students saw them being affectionate. When his father found out about his relationship, he beat him.
Islam said both police and hospital staff mocked him after he and his boyfriend were assaulted and thrown into a river by a gang of five young men.
In 2011, he required medical treatment again after he and his then-boyfriend were attacked by three men, Islam said.
A cousin helped him flee Albania in 2012, and Islam made his way to Canada and applied for status as a “convention refugee” and “a person in need of protection.”
The IRB said Islam’s evidence was vague and his testimony inconsistent, and he had “failed to establish himself as a homosexual person,” court documents say.
Among the evidence Islam had provided were photographs at gay events, receipts from gay bars and affidavits from former colleagues stating that he was gay.
Other photos Islam had provided of him kissing other men were of very poor quality, and the board said it was not possible to identify him in the images.

via Gay Muslim man loses bid for refugee status in Canada: court | Daily Brew – Yahoo News Canada.

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