Russia seeks to criminalize ‘coming out’ 

Russia 3October 26, 2015 – Reported by – Russian lawmakers are considering a law that would call for fines and jail time for LGBT people who come out of the closet. The new legislation would build on an amendment passed two years ago that bans LGBT “propaganda” in any place that could be accessible to minors. That bill was drafted by Putin’s United Russia Party. Newsweek reported: If the proposed amendment is signed into law, anyone who publicly declares a “‘non-traditional sexual orientation’ could be fined $5,000 roubles ($80) for ‘demonstrating [their] own expressed sexual preferences in public places.” If the same is done in schools, cultural establishments or government centers, this would be punishable by up to 15 days in jail The bill that would ban coming out was reportedly introduced as a way to regulate Russian morality. Two Communist Party lawmakers who are behind the bill claim that the gay propaganda ban is “insufficient.” “I believe that the problem we have raised is one of the most pressing and topical issues as it addresses the social ills of our society and deals with the moral education of the next generation,” Communist lawmaker Ivan Nikitchuk told Russian newspaper Izvestia. “In the biological sense, not reproducing is the same as death, and in that sense homosexuality is a lethal threat for the whole of humankind.” Since Putin signed the sweeping nationwide ban on so-called propaganda in July 2013, LGBT people have been arrested, media outlets have been fined, and gay and lesbian bars have been raided, The Advocate reported.

Source: Russia seeks to criminalize ‘coming out’ | Spectrum

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