Gay asylum seekers ‘could be sent home’ if homosexuality becomes legal 

Rainbow Flag BANNEROctober 8, 2015 – Reported by Pink News – LGBT asylum seekers who were forced to flee for their lives may be sent back to their home countries, if homosexuality is decriminalised. People from across the world have attempted to seek asylum in the UK on the grounds of sexuality, often after fleeing vigilante violence and death threats in their home countries. Could stepping away boost productivity? Your HR strategy can drive workforce productivity. Learn how in our whitepaper. Promoted by ADP However, Home Secretary Theresa May signalled changes to the asylum system in her speech to the Conservative Party conference – revealing that under a new ‘safe return’ system, people granted asylum may be ordered to leave if circumstances have changed. She said: “I want us to work to reduce the asylum claims made in Britain, and as we do so increase the number of people we help in the most troubled regions…story continues below…

Source: Gay asylum seekers ‘could be sent home’ if homosexuality becomes legal · PinkNews

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