The truth: zero new spaces for refugees

CanadaSeptember 11, 2015 – The story behind last week’s haunting images does not begin with the body of a little boy on a beach in Turkey. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has been reporting for years that people are fleeing violence in rapidly increasing numbers. It reported in June that last year 42,500 people fled their homes every day. Every. Day. Half were children. The response? Aid agencies are overwhelmed. Camps are overflowing. Dangerous boats are more crowded than ever. Bodies are appearing stacked in abandoned trucks and washed up on beaches. All of this began before #refugeecrisis was trending on Twitter. Incredibly, many governments responded by erecting fences, shutting down transit routes, putting people in detention, and poisoning the response of their own citizens by claiming that these desperate families are “queue-jumpers” or “terrorists.” Canada has been a part of this. Our government has recently introduced nine bills and two orders-in-council that collectively make it harder for refugees to get to Canada; to be in Canada; and to stay in Canada. It has succeeded in implementing its regressive refugee policy…story continues below…

Source: The truth: zero new spaces for refugees | Toronto Star

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