Myanmar Must Stop Illegally Detaining and Discriminating Against Gay People

Southeast AsiaSeptember 7, 2015 – Reported by Care2 Causes – An international human rights groups is raising the alarm about disturbing comments Burmese officials have made this past month that appear to encourage police to arrest and detain LGBT people for no other reason than their identity. Human Rights Watch has written to the Chief Minister of the Mandalay Region of Myanmar to protest recent comments made by members of parliament relating to the detention of and discrimination against LGBT people. The comments in question were made by Border and Security Affairs minister Doctor Myint Kyu during an August parliamentary meeting. Dr. Kyu reportedly called on police to arrest gay and gender non-conforming men. The Human Rights Watch letter details these comments: Daw Tin Tin Mar, a member of parliament from Chanayetharzan Township, asked the regional government during an August session about the action being taken against “gay people who assume they are women and who have been acting inappropriately.” Dr. Myint Kyu, the Border and Security Affairs Minister for Mandalay region, responded to the question by saying: “The existence of gay men who assume they are women is unacceptable and therefore we are constantly taking action to have the gays detained at police stations, educate them, then hand them back to their parents.… [W]e will be including in our operations the area she mentioned as a special case.” Dr. Myint Kyu further said that, “Authorities have been to check on some gay people after being informed they were acting inappropriately with young men and detained nine of them. After finding out they did not commit any crime, the officials educated them and handed them back to their parents on a bond.” As to how the arrested men were acting “inappropriately,” the minister does not say. Based on the region’s recent history it may mean as little as being suspected of being gay…story continues below…

Source: Myanmar Must Stop Illegally Detaining and Discriminating Against Gay People | Care2 Causes

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