Op-ed: We Just Saw a Turning Point for Global LGBT Rights

UN Flags_sAugust 28, 2015 – Reported by the Advocate.com – In a historic gathering Monday, the United Nations held its first-ever meeting of the Security Council to address the human rights of LGBT people. The briefing, convened and chaired by U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power and her Chilean counterpart, Ambassador Cristian Barros Melet, and addressed by the U.N. deputy secretary-general, heard firsthand testimony from an Iraqi and a Syrian refugee about the shocking abuse and violence being perpetrated against LGBT people in areas controlled by ISIS. In many ways, this event marks a turning point — a watershed moment for the LGBT movement. The seriousness of this moment, and the attention paid by U.N. ambassadors and member states is remarkable and unprecedented. Though more action will be needed, this meeting was an important first step.  Speaking to a packed room that included an extraordinary number of U.N. member states — close to a dozen U.N. ambassadors and high-ranking representatives from more than 20 countries as well as the European Union and the Nordic countries — the witnesses (one of whom appeared by phone to protect his identity) shared their experiences as LGBT people in their home countries. Participants sat in attentive silence as they heard the shocking details of the men’s experiences being beaten, imprisoned, and threatened with death as well as their terror when they learned about the fate of gay men they knew, or saw the widely publicized videos of ISIS executing allegedly gay men…story continues below…

Source: Op-ed: We Just Saw a Turning Point for Global LGBT Rights | Advocate.com

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