Senegalese men sentenced to jail for ‘acts against nature’

Africa - BannerAugust 25, 2015 – Reported by the Washington Blade – A court in the Senegalese capital of Dakar on Aug. 21 sentenced seven men who had been accused of engaging in same-sex sexual acts to six months in prison.

Le Quotidien, a Senegalese newspaper, reported the court found the men guilty of committing what it described as “acts against nature.”

The publication indicated that local authorities raided an apartment in Guédiawaye, a town outside of Dakar, where they found a tablet with pornography on it and two of the seven men in a “compromising position.” Le Quotidien reported that police found the remaining five men in a bathroom.

Authorities reportedly found condoms on the floor.

The BBC reported the mother of one of the men who told authorities that her son was gay failed to appear in court during the trial.

“It is such a pity to see these Senegalese men condemned in front of everyone just because they are gay,” Djamil Bengoura of Prudence, a Senegalese advocacy group, told the BBC…story continues below…

via Senegalese men sentenced to jail for ‘acts against nature’.

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