Cuba and LGBT Rights

cuba-flagAugust 9, 2015 – Reported by International Policy Digest – LGBT rights in Cuba are perplexing from an ideological standpoint. Communist theory itself is unclear on the issue of homosexuality. Logically, one would assume that, given communism’s emphatic support of abortion, disdain for the family unit and rejection of religiously based morality, its position on homosexuality would that of acceptance or indifference. However, communist views on same sex relations are divided into two opposing camps.

The small obscure non-ruling communist parties of the 1st world have positions that range from acceptance to full support of the LGBT community. On the other hand the large ruling communist parties of the 3rd world have positions on the LGBT community that range from apathy to persecution. What is the reason for this discrepancy within the Communist Party?

The answer is simple: location, location, location. The West, since the industrial revolution, has been infinitely more welcome culturally to homosexuality and other alternative lifestyles than the 3rd world where communists have come to power in countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam, and Angola…story continues below…

via Cuba and LGBT Rights.

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