NZ ‘far, far behind’ in helping refugees – Amnesty

Southeast AsiaJuly 21, 2015 – Reported by – New Zealand has talked the talk in getting elected to the United Nations Security Council, and now it’s time the walk the walk, says Amnesty International.

In particular, the Government is being urged to immediately double the number of refugees it lets settle in New Zealand each year to help ease the pain of what Amnesty is calling “possibly the worst year for human rights since the Second World War”.

Secretary General Salil Shetty is in New Zealand to meet with politicians and officials about whether we’re doing our fair share. The simple answer is at the moment, we’re not.

“The people of New Zealand have fought for the anti-apartheid struggle, they stood up on the issue of the genocide in Rwanda, and I think New Zealand is known globally as a country that stands for fairness,” he said on TV3’s Paul Henry programme this morning.

“New Zealand’s done very good things in many respects, but on the refugee issue, they’re lagging far behind. They’re 87th if we look at the per capita ranking on refugee protection. New Zealand is far, far behind. For the last 30 years, it’s almost been static… or even going down.”..story continues below…

via NZ ‘far, far behind’ in helping refugees – Amnesty | Entertainment | 3 News.

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