Hounded and out of work, gay Ukrainians flee rebel east

Europe 1June 29, 2015 – Reported by Yahoo News – Kiev (AFP) – Oleksandr had already lost his job for being gay in the rebel Ukrainian bastion of Donetsk when he was approached by two Russian speakers with rifles dangling on their hips.

“So what are you, a fag?” one of them asked as the 28-year-old was grabbing a pack of cigarettes at the local kiosk.

Lanky but athletic Oleksandr — an avid cook who loves curling up with a book and is particularly partial to board games — said the prejudiced gunmen’s suspicions seemed to have been aroused by his expressive gestures and soft voice.

Oleksandr mumbled something vaguely without looking up and walked away.

“By the end, I was just afraid someone was going to hunt me down and shoot me outside my apartment building,” he said.

The incident happened shortly after guerrillas preaching the socially conservative values espoused by Russian President Vladimir Putin seized parts of eastern Ukraine just over a year ago…story continues below…

via Hounded and out of work, gay Ukrainians flee rebel east – Yahoo News.

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