Film lifts lid on corrective rape in families of gays in India

Southeast AsiaJune 11, 2015 – Posted by Reuters – NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Families in India are using “corrective rape” to convert their gay, lesbian and transgender sons and daughters, the director of the first Indian film on the issue said, urging society to confront the brutal, hidden practice.

Corrective rape, which is known to happen in Africa and the Caribbean though largely perpetrated by strangers or acquaintances, in India can involve families and is thus seldom reported.

Director Deepthi Tadanki said research for her film “Satyavati” – named after the lesbian protagonist who is raped by a family member – helped her understand why families were committing corrective rape in India.

“There is this very conservative society where people are very afraid to tell anyone that their son is gay or daughter is lesbian, and they think that they can change their orientation if they get them into contact with someone of the opposite sex,” the 27-year-old director said in an interview on Thursday.

“They can’t approach outside people to do it as they are worried about the family’s name and reputation… so they get a family member to do it.”

Tadanki said although it was difficult to find victims willing to speak about their ordeal, she came across two cases in the city of Bengaluru which were “horrific”…story continues below…

via Film lifts lid on corrective rape in families of gays in India | Reuters.

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