Guys and gals Strut their stuff in heels for LGBT refugees

Rainbow Flag BANNERJune 8, 2015 – Reported by the The Georgia Straight – A walk-a-thon on the weekend was full of colour, laughter, and fun and frivolity. But speeches from the organizers became very emotional, revealing the gravity of the life-or-death situations that LGBT refugees, for whom the fundraising efforts were organized, face around the world.

The Foundation of Hope, which supports charities that work with LGBT refugees, held their Strut fundraising walk on June 6 at noon at Sunset Beach.

Participants showed up in a range of outfits, from the every day to the outrageous, and all were encouraged to wear heels, both male and female. As their slogan stated, “A mile in heels is easier than a lifetime in the closet”.

Board member Carl Meadows, who helped organize the event, reminded attendees about who the day was really about.

“I am not the hero,” Meadows said to the assembled participants, before his voice broke with emotion. “The heroes are the people who actually have to leave their countries, and the people who have come here and actually given their entire lives, their families, in coming here.”…story continues below…

via Guys and gals Strut their stuff in heels for LGBT refugees | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly.

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