This Gay Palestinian Refugee Needs Our Help 

Europe and TurkeyMay 29, 2015 – Reported by the Huffington Post – John Calvin is gay. With Edmonton Pride on the way in June, he should be excited about the festivities. Instead, he is counting the days of his precious life.

Calvin is a refugee from Palestine, who may soon be deported for being born into a family with ties to Hamas. As in the case of Omar Khadr, the details of his arduous life seem irrelevant for the Canadian authorities.

Calvin grew up in a Muslim household that idolizes Hamas. He was indoctrinated to follow that path. Yet, he chose to abandon it.

He ran away from home and later on converted to Christianity. If the challenges of being a “gay apostate” were not enough, he also had to contend with sexual abuse by a fellow Palestinian inmate in an Israeli prison.

Calvin has openly asserted his truth on his sexuality and faith. As such, if deported, he faces imminent extra-judicial murder from his own family and people…story continues below…

via This Gay Palestinian Refugee Needs Our Help | Junaid Jahangir.

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