Gay marriage: Can India ever do what Ireland has done?

Rainbow Flag BANNERMay 30, 2015 – Reported by Sify – “Throughout my youth, adolescence and young adulthood, it was a criminal offence to be gay…there was a fear of criminal prosecution, of being involuntarily placed in a lunatic asylum, losing your job, being socially destroyed. It was a terrible situation.”

That was what 70-year-old senator and long-time civil rights campaigner, David Norris, told The New York Times after the results of the Irish vote on gay marriage were announced.

Ironically, the situation that he recounts prevailed decades ago in a Catholic country, but continues to prevail right now in India, a secular country.

Ireland is a nation where Roman Catholicism has such an influence on law that abortion is illegal under most circumstances; yet, the people and the government have managed to brush aside the powerful Church, and vote for equality.

Ireland spoke out in favour of gay marriage, and resoundingly so. Thousands gathered in the streets, and the internet was rife with pictures of the coincidental double rainbow over Dublin on the day of the vote.

The celebration was not simply about the final decision, but the number of people who stepped out to cast their votes, and the fact that they were overwhelmingly in favour of equality for gay couples…story continues below…

via Gay marriage: Can India ever do what Ireland has done?.

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