World observes anti-homophobia day, but not Africa

Rainbow Flag BANNERMay 17, 2015 – Reported by RFI – Nations all over the world are observing Sunday a day of solidarity with gays and lesbians. But few African countries are celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. In fact, state-sanctionned homophobia is on the rise across much of Africa with Gambian President Yahya Jammeh recently stating that he would personally slit the throat of a man who wants to marry another.

The spirit of anti-homophobia day is not widely embraced on the African continent.

Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto recently told worshippers at a church service in Nairobi that there was “no room for homosexuality” in Kenya.

Speaking at the Jesus Winner Ministry Church, which is popular with Kenyan politicians, Ruto said that homosexuality “violates our religious and cultural beliefs”.

But it does violate constitutionally protected minority rights, according to Njeri Gateru, a lawyer with the National Gay and Lesbian Human Righs Commission of Kenya.

She is nonetheless encouraged by a Kenyan High Court ruling that ordered the government last month to register a gay rights group. The government had refused to register the NGO on moral grounds. the court ruled that the Kenyan constitution not only recognised the rights of minorities but also banned limited rights on moral grounds…story continues below…

via World observes anti-homophobia day, but not Africa – Africa – RFI.

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