IRQO regards Iran’s response to UPR recommendations hypocrite and irresponsible

Europe and TurkeyApril 8, 2015 – Reported by – In a 10 pages long review of Iran’s response to the UPR, with a glance at the turning points in Iran’s LGBT movement dating back to 1972, IRQO’s comment is summarized as follows:

Iran’s response to recommendations at the 20th UPR session, pointing at violations of LGBT rights, is hypocrite and irresponsible.

The excuse offered by Iran is that “Western countries, too, violated homosexuals’ right up to recent years.”

Very well, we say; since Iran relies on the West’s recent homophobic and transphobic approach on LGBT rights, are we wrong if we anticipate Iran would be following the West’s path in the coming years, and honor LGBT human rights?

Iran’s answer to recommendations pointing at LGBT conditions in Iran is in two halves. The first half, apparently, is responding to recommendations conveying Stop Persecution of LGBT:

“According to the Islamic norms and the laws of Iran as well as cultural principles advocated by the people on the importance of the family, sexual relations between individuals is only allowed in the framework of wedlock. Moreover, the law forbids any form of persecution and maltreatment of an Iranian citizen regardless of their physical and psychological status, and offenders are dealt with in accordance with the law. In addition, according to Islamic laws, meddling in private affairs of individuals without any discrimination is forbidden.”

It seems to be carefully worded to dodge any commitment to stop persecution of homosexuals and Transgender people.

Still, because it is vague, we wonder whether the wording of these phrases could mean that if a neighbor, a coworker, a parent, spouse, an offspring, reported or exposed to authorities (“physical status” could refer to homosexuals, and psychological status Transsexuals, or vice versa) a homosexual or transgender, the informant would be treated according to the Law?…story continues below…

via IRQO regards Iran’s response to UPR recommendations hypocrite and irresponsible | IRQO.

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