How Jay Z Can Change Antigay Attitudes in Uganda

Uganda FlagMarch 19, 2015 – Reported by the – In an interview for GLAAD’s All Access video series, noted Ugandan LGBT activist Frank Mugisha called on American pop stars and celebrities to pick up the mantle of LGBT equality.

Mugisha pointed specifically to Jay Z, saying the recording artist could do more to help east Africa’s severely oppressed LGBT community than any public figure from the fields of politics or activism ever could. That’s because celebrities have the potential to impact individuals on a personal level.

“Homophobia is mostly not a collective issue,” said Mugisha. “It’s more of an individual issue. You find a parent beating or killing a child because they’re coming out. … But if we can get their own personal heroes, footballers, entertainment people, and of course, Jay Z and other celebrities to speak out, [saying] ‘You know, I don’t mind gay people; I have gay friends,’ or ‘I am gay,’ that can change the person in Uganda who is in the rural areas.”

Prolific human rights advocate and video journalist Claire Pires’s interview also includes a rare acknowledgement by Mugisha that he receives threats to his life every day…story continues below…

via WATCH: How Jay Z Can Change Antigay Attitudes in Uganda |

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