Federal government “mean spirited” toward refugees, expert says

Canada 1March 13, 2015 – Reported by The Star Phoenix – Canada’s federal leaders have “descended into the gutter when they talk about refugees,” says Amnesty International secretary general Alex Neve.

Both Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and his predecessor Jason Kenney “have embraced, with great passion, the term ‘bogus refugees,’ ” Neve said Tuesday in Saskatoon.

The term, which is “peppered throughout the speeches, and comes up in media interviews all the time … as if it was a category,” is an “ugly, hate-filled, discriminatory and unfounded term” used to create support for the federal government’s initiatives and to undermine Canadians’ long-held support for the rights and needs of refugees, Neve said.

Inflammatory language is just one aspect of the “miserly, mean-spirited and punitive” attitude the federal government has shown towards refugees at a time when the Syrian crisis has created the largest mass displacement of people in a generation, Neve said.

Almost eight million people are displaced in that country, and more than three million are sheltering in dangerous conditions in the increasingly stressed and unwelcoming neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan…story continues below…

via Federal government “mean spirited” toward refugees, expert says.

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