Roma family of 39 wins case for asylum in federal court

CanadaMarch 9, 2015 – Reported by the Toronto Star – A Hungarian Roma refugee family is rejoicing after a Federal Court ruling dismissed Ottawa’s bid to reverse the asylum granted to all 39 of its members.

“We are very happy and relieved that our lives are now safe and we don’t have to go back to Hungary,” Richard Racz said of the court’s recent decision to reject the federal government’s request to overturn a tribunal decision.

In 2011, three generations of the Racz family fled to Toronto from Gyongyospata, Hungary’s epicenter of ethnic violence against the Roma — where threats made against the minority group by thousands of fascists were so severe the Red Cross stepped in and evacuated the community.

Family patriarch Aladar Racz, 60, wife Aladarne, 61, and six children were active in the fight against racism in their community and featured in a number of news documentaries in England and France, among others.

Their refugee claims were divided up and heard in the course of six separate hearings in Canada. All of them were finally accepted by the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2013.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, however, immediately challenged the decision.

“Our family did not lie and we had nothing to hide,” said Richard Racz, 32, one of Aladar and Aladarne’s six children. “We don’t know why the government had to make it so hard for us. But it’s good that we can now move on with our life.”

Contrary to the “gypsy” stereotype about the Roma, Racz said his family had lived in Gyongyospata for almost 500 years. His parents and siblings were all musicians by profession, performing at parties and private events…story continues below…

via Roma family of 39 wins case for asylum in federal court | Toronto Star.

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