Egyptian police arrest seven in ‘transsexual’ string

On March 6, 2015Egypt reported: Egyptian police have arrested seven men believed to be transsexuals for debauchery after using fake dating profiles to lure them to a nightclub.

Head of the country’s ‘Morality Police’ Major General Magdy Moussa called the men “perverts”, and said they had formed a “network for practicing debauchery” on social media.

He added that the government had monitored the men, and created fake web pages to entrap them.

The seven men were arrested at a nightclub in the capital Cairo, after police arranged to meet them at a club on Al-Haram Road and move on to an apartment “to participate in debauchery”.

The charge of debauchery is often used against men accused of homosexuality in Egypt.

The police ‘sting’ comes after 26 men arrested in a raid on a bathouse were acquitted in January, and were cleared of charges including debauchery.

Continued at Egyptian police arrest seven in ‘transsexual’ string –

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