Seven Arrested In Latest Egyptian Raid For Charges Of Homosexuality

Europe and TurkeyMarch 2, 2015 – Reported by Buzzfeed News – Egyptian police arrested seven people on Thursday for “debauchery,” the charge routinely used against men accused of homosexuality, according to a report in the Egyptian tabloid Al-Youm el-Saba. The paper identified the seven as “transsexuals,” but details of the account could not be verified.

This is the first highly publicized arrest of allegedly gay or trans people since the January acquittal of 26 men arrested in a raid on a working-class bathhouse that was featured in a television broadcast purporting to tell “the whole story of the dens for spreading AIDS in Egypt.” Last week, an April trial was scheduled in a defamation suit against the reporter who made the program, Mona Iraqi, and the owner of the station that broadcast it, Tarek Nour of the Al-Qahera Wal Nas channel.

Major General Magdy Moussa of the Morality Police told Al-Youm el-Saba that the seven arrested Thursday were part of a “network for practicing debauchery” and had been targeted through social media. He claimed that they had evidence the group had published naked photos, and that the government created fake pages online to catch “perverts.” They were arrested at a nightclub in Cairo, where police say they had arranged to meet men with whom they intended to have sex…story continues below…

via Seven Arrested In Latest Egyptian Raid For Charges Of Homosexuality – BuzzFeed News.

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