Iranian translator of Blue Is the Warmest Colour ‘declared persona non grata’

Iran Flag on MapOn Feb 13, 2014 The Guardian reported: Sepideh Jodeyri, who translated Julie Maroh’s 2010 graphic novel about a lesbian romance into Persian, has spoken out after her book launch in Tehran was cancelled.

An Iranian poet who translated the prize-winning French graphic novel Blue Is the Warmest Colour into Persian has claimed she is the target of a smear campaign in Iran for supporting homosexuality, punishable in the country by 100 lashes or even death.

I’ve been declared persona non grata in my own country

A group of hardline Iranian news websites have attempted to discredit Sepideh Jodeyri for the Persian translation of Julie Maroh’s 2010 graphic novel, about a lesbian romance between two young women in France. The film adaptation of Blue is the Warmest Colour won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival in 2013.

Aviny Film, a conservative website, said homosexuality was a “new plague in the west”. It added: “Jodeyri has spoken in support of homosexuality … how can we let such a person publish other works for readers in Iran?”

Farhang News wrote: “Sepideh Jodeyri has translated a prominent book, which has been published in support of homosexuals. She has also given interviews to anti-revolutionary websites about her work … such actions are questioning the values of our society.”

Jodeyri, who is based in Prague and is also a prominent poet, said she has been distressed by the criticism her translation, Abi Garmtarin Rang Ast, had received in Iran, where the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community face systematic persecution.

Continued at Iranian translator of Blue Is the Warmest Colour ‘declared persona non grata’ | Books | The Guardian.

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