Where will the LGBT envoy be allowed?

USA Flat - post imageFebruary 9, 2015 – The Washington Post reports: “Secretary of State John Kerry this month will appoint a special diplomatic envoy to promote gay rights abroad, according to the State Department.” There is certainly no lack of work to be done on this front.

For example, the State Department says of one particularly egregious abuser of human rights: “The law criminalizes consensual same-sex sexual activity, which may be punishable by death or flogging. Security forces harassed, arrested, and detained individuals they suspected of being gay. In some cases security forces raided houses and monitored internet sites for information on LGBT persons. Those accused of sodomy often faced summary trials, and evidentiary standards were not always met. Punishment for same-sex sexual activity between men was more severe than for such conduct between women. “

On another country the State Department reports: “The penal code prohibits homosexual relations, defined as ‘carnal relations against the order of nature,’ and provides for at least three years of imprisonment. . . . Human rights activists reported that there was overt societal discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all aspects of society. There were also reports of extremist groups threatening LGBT activists. Local media reported numerous instances in which security forces used accusations of homosexuality as excuses to detain, arrest, and torture civilians. The number of these instances was difficult to determine as police rarely reported their rationale for arrests. Furthermore, social stigma prevented many victims of such abuse from coming forward, even when accusations were false.”…story continues below…

via Where will the LGBT envoy be allowed? – The Washington Post.

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