ISIS Goes Medieval on Gays

Iraq FlagJanuary 19, 2015 – Reported by the Daily Beast – ISIS Goes Medieval on Gays

Upon seeing pictures of a gay man thrown to his death by masked Jihadis in Iraq, I thought—as a gay man, myself—‘There but for the grace of Allah go I.’

Here are images that pious Muslims ought find more “offensive” than those of the Prophet Mohammed.

High above the Iraqi town of Mosul, masked members of the Islamic State throw a man off a building ledge. A crowd below gawks like spectators at a sporting event. They listen intently as a masked jihadist, his face covered by a balaclava, reads out the accused’s sentence like a carnival barker. For committing the eternal crime of the “people of Lot”—a Koranic euphemism for sodomy—the doomed man will he hurled to death. In the last photo, his corpse is splayed out across the wet concrete.

Upon seeing the pictures of this ghastly crime, I got a pit in my stomach, and not just because I’m afraid of heights. As a gay man, I thought, there but for the grace of Allah go I.

This was but the latest in a series of grisly punishments meted out by the religious movement-cum-government to people who are gay or merely suspected of being gay and unfortunate enough to live under its expanding rule. Over the past year, Islamic State has routinely murdered gays through stoning or throwing them off buildings…story continues below…

via ISIS Goes Medieval on Gays – The Daily Beast.

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