Harper, Please Don’t Deport This Gay Palestinian Refugee | Junaid Jahangir

Europe and TurkeyJanuary 6, 2014 – Reported by Huffingpost Canada – CTV News in Edmonton recently highlighted the case of John Calvin (not his real name), a gay Palestinian who converted from Islam to Christianity and was recently denied refugee asylum in Edmonton by the Canadian government.

Escaping attempts on his life, he studied on a scholarship in a Bible College in Toronto. However, on New Year’s Eve, he received a letter of deportation because of his family ties with Hamas. If deported, he could be executed on both counts of apostasy and homosexuality.

His friends have initiated an urgent fundraising campaign to help pay legal fees pertaining to his case. They have also asked that people contact their MLA, the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister’s office.

As Universalist Muslims and on behalf our allies in the network of progressive Muslim groups, we express our unstinted support for John Calvin. We fully support his right to live his life based on freedom of conscience and religion.

We urge our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to take action immediately to withdraw the deportation order and allow Calvin asylum in Canada. His life, and Canada’s reputation as a world leader in human rights depend on it.

We strongly reject the archaic opinions of those who wish to impose draconian punishments of eras long gone by. Since this issue involves the traditional beliefs of Muslims and the political dynamics in Palestine, we call upon Arab and Muslim communities to stand by Calvin through financial, legal and material support…

via Harper, Please Don’t Deport This Gay Palestinian Refugee | Junaid Jahangir.

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