‘Crossing Over’ Documents Plight Of Transgender Women Seeking Political Asylum In US

USA Flat - post imageDecember 16, 2014 – Reported by OnTop Magazine.com – Pivot and Univision on Sunday will simulcast the documentary Crossing Over: Stories of Immigration and Identity.

The film is part of the documentary series Panoramica hosted by America Ferrera.

The documentary from director Isabel Castro takes a look at the lives of three transgender Mexican women as they seek political asylum in the United States.

Francis Murillo, Brenda Gonzalez and Abigail Madariaga fled Mexico and are now living in Los Angeles to escape the stigma, discrimination and persecution associated with being transgender in the highly Catholic nation.

“There were various abuses,” Gonzalez says in the film. “They would tie me from my hands and feet to rape me, to abuse me.” (The film’s trailer is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Castro, a Mexican immigrant, told On Top in 2012 that she’s passionate about immigration issues.

“I have always been passionate about immigration issues and about highlighting the reasons for why immigration is often necessary,” Castro said. “In exploring this issue, I learned more about the extent of transphobia in Mexico and in the United States and have now become focused on shedding light on the obstacles that the transgender community faces.”

via ‘Crossing Over’ Documents Plight Of Transgender Women Seeking Political Asylum In US – On Top Magazine | Gay news & entertainment.

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