Turkey flip-flops with LGBTQI population

Europe and TurkeyNovember 16, 2014 – Reported by UK Progressive – Turkey is a country conflicted when it comes to its LGBTQ population.

On one hand, Turkey is the first country in the Muslim world to hold a LGBTQI pride march. Eleven years later, 2014 Istanbul Pride is lauded as the largest pride event held in the country. It surpassed last year’s LGBTQI pride attendance that drew nearly 100,000 revelers and onlookers.

Turkey is the “go-to” country LGBTQI Muslims from other Islamic countries flee to for their safety.

Pro-gay measures like Turkey’s Supreme Court acknowledging this past July that calling its LGBTQ citizens “perverts” hate speech, and its 2013 landmark ruling stating that selling DVDs depicting graphic as well as pornographic LGBTQI group sex is “natural,” and “that an individual’s sexual orientation should be respected” would suggest that Turkey’s a country that embraces tolerance and acceptance.But hate crimes against its LGBTQI population is the highest among European countries with its trans population the hardest hit. No pun intended.

Since 1858 same-sex relations in private between consenting adults have been legal in Turkey.

On the other hand, LGBTQI sexual orientations and gender identities are excluded from the country’s legal and civil rights systems of justice…

via Turkey flip-flops with LGBTQI population | UK Progressive.

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