The world is not awash in refugees: Open the gates

Rainbow Flag BANNERNovember 3, 2014 – Reported by the Globe and Mail – The word “refugee,” in its modern sense of people fleeing their homes to escape violence, is now exactly 100 years old. It was first used this way in 1914 to describe the hundreds of thousands of Flemish who fled westward to escape the German onslaught. Three years later, the first High Commissioner for Refugees was created to deal with the 1.5 million Russians who fled the revolution. Then it was applied to the million Armenians and 1.5 million Greeks fleeing Turkey.

The largest refugee crisis in history, and the one that made the refugee a subject of international law, took place in the 1940s, when more than 40 million people found themselves homeless, destitute and fleeing into unknown lands. Millions were forced to beg, steal, prostitute themselves and endure endless humiliation in squalid encampments. Two years after the war’s end, many were still living in camps, and only a massive international intervention (and in some countries, a lengthy military occupation) ended their time of refuge – although many settled in their countries of refuge…

via The world is not awash in refugees: Open the gates – The Globe and Mail.

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