Vladimir Putin’s war on gays

Russian Flag - bannerOctober 26, 2014 – Reported by The Hill – During the Cold War, the Soviet Union persecuted leading dissidents, who sought to change Soviet society, and Jews, who simply wanted to emigrate to Israel but were forbidden to leave.  They were threatened and intimidated by the KGB, and imprisoned or sent to Siberia after show trials.   The American government constantly condemned Soviet human rights abuses (especially during the Reagan Administration), made favorable trade status for the Soviet Union contingent on allowing Jews to leave, and imposed a basket of human rights obligations on the Soviet Union as part of the Helsinki Accords that ratified the post-World War II borders of Europe.   Ultimately, the confrontational approach worked.   The Soviet Jews were allowed to emigrate, the harsh treatment of dissidents eased, and eventually the Soviet Union collapsed.

Whether we are engaged in a new Cold War with Russia is a matter of ongoing debate.   What is not debatable is the Soviet style-violation of human rights in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, except that the victims this time are not dissidents and Jews but gays.   And, other than during the run-up to the Sochi Olympics earlier this year, the Obama administration, and other western governments, have not consistently criticized these Russian human rights violations…

via Vladimir Putin’s war on gays | TheHill.

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