Op-ed: LGBT Americans Celebrate, But Atrocities Abroad Escalate

Europe and TurkeyOctober 19, 2014 – Reported in the Advocate.com – Although LGBT Americans are celebrating tremendous marriage victories throughout the U.S., we are also faced with the troubling picture of a strong and growing international anti-LGBT movement, threatening the equality and freedom of our global community. LGBT Americans and our allies have fought hard to reach this moment in America. It’s a moment where there is tremendous momentum in favor of equality. But looking beyond our borders shows that this momentum is moving in the opposite direction for people in many parts of the world.

One needn’t look far to find countless examples of oppression and discrimination. While the last few weeks have been filled with images of smiling couples lining up across America to finally get married, eight Egyptian men are awaiting trial for being part of a video depicting a same-sex wedding that went viral online. These men could face up to three years in prison.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in Egypt, as local advocates have recently accused Egyptian authorities of using social networking applications to track down gay men for imprisonment under laws that have been used to criminalize the activity of gay men as “debauchery” or “insulting public morals.” This year alone, dozens have been arrested…

via Op-ed: LGBT Americans Celebrate, But Atrocities Abroad Escalate | Advocate.com.

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